IASPR sponsors one international conference a year, each with a special theme.

2009 Brisbane Australia. Popular Romance Studies: An International Conference. 13-14 August, 2009.
2010 Brussels, Belgium Popular Romance Studies: Theory, Text, and Practice. 5-7 August, 2010
2011 New York City: Can’t Buy Me Love? Sex, Money, Power, and Romance. 26-28 June, 2011
2012 York, UK. The Pleasures of Romance. 27-29 September, 2012
2014 Thessaloniki, Greece. Rethinking Love, Rereading the Romance. 19-21 June, 2014

IASPR-sponsored conferences:
Love as the Practice of Freedom? Romance Fiction and American Culture. Princeton University. 23-24 April 2009.
Re-reading Georgette Heyer: A Colloquium. Lucy Cavendish College, University of Cambridge. 7 November, 2009.

The annual conference of the Popular Culture Association has a strong romance studies presence. Please refer to Romance Area page for more information.